Writing here after 7 months.Why? The busy factor. We advance from one aspect to another, one doing to another,one learning to another,one moment of necessity to another, and keep following this cycle of our life. Things that were a priority now become a priority of the past and then keeps replacing now. We have the time to do everything that we wish to and yet feel that everything is not being done or can’t be done.Why? An excuse I would say.All it requires is to decipher what needs to be done before and what needs to be done later.”Time” all that you need to do and do for sure,but do not procrastinate and leave any single bit however little you may be able to do of it.Catching up on what was left behind is in itself a great satisfaction than not doing it at all.Jot down things to do on a piece of paper in order of priority and tick everything that you did complete.And when all the ticks are in place-boy, I bet you are going to take a deep breath and say to yourself-I did it.Sit back and relax. Enjoy the rest of the “Time” in leisure Time is yours to make.Time is yours to utilise. Time is yours to conquer.So go ahead and be victorious.

Listen to the sounds in your mind.Make each one a beautiful note of peace and harmony.



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