Aradhana Bhakri is the founder of EKAM-Oneness Centre.Having deep rooted spiritual beliefs and gifted with intutiveness she took up alternate sciences since a very young age. Aradhana Bhakri is a Singing Bowl Sound Therapist, Heal Your Life Trainer,and Aura Photograph Reader. Being spiritually inclined since a very young age, she was often complimented on her intuitive powers by relatives and friends. She is a certified International Sivananda yoga teacher, also teaching modified yoga, which means modifying the way to do asanas so as to suit the clients’ physical needs and requirements.Aradhana is also a Naturopath. Having had a strong urge to know the mysteries of the unknown, she entered the world of metaphysics long years ago.Her quest for alternative medicine led her to the realms of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Radikall Healing, Pranic Healing, Access Bar Therapy  Aura Photography and Reading, Angel  Card Reader, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Singing Bowl Therapy (sound healing), and Louise Hay’s Heal Your Life modalities.

Words just wouldn’t be enough to describe the absorbing and fascinating journey of her inner,spiritual,and transcedental growth, while touching and transforming the lives of so many others at the same time. People contact her daily for the resolution of their problems – be they mental, physical, meta-physical, emotional, or spiritual and benefit hugely from her therapies and guidance.